Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Little Somethin'

Almost halfway through April, and I haven't blogged once.

(Well, I did, technically, but then refrained from posting. More grumping about the weather. And really, how many posts can I write about the weather?)

(I need to write about Easter. Coming soon.)

But I just wanted to record a cute lil' nugget from this evening, courtesy of Tommy.

(I've been awful at recording the interesting and entertaining thoughts of my going-on-four-year-old lately.)

Tommy's favorite color is red.

Tonight at bedtime he told me, somewhat soberly,

"I wish my bed was red."

I reminded him his bed had some red on it.

Not satisfied, looking quite dismayed,

"Its just white and black."

(He left out blue. His comforter is blue, with construction trucks all over it. And some have red in them.)

He went on,

"I wish my room was red. I wish the door was red. I wish the..."

and so on.

And as I tried to close the door he had quite the grumpy face.

"I'm just mad that everything is not red."