Monday, June 21, 2010

I Call Him Fatherest

You know, like "Awesomest" or "Coolest."

My Dad with Jake-Jake at our house on my Mom's birthday.

Hi there Dad!

You may be the very first one to read this in the morning. You, who is usually the one that has to pass news of a new post down to Mom. You, who writes me encouraging little emails when I write a blog post you like (thanks for those, really, they make my day.) I've been thinking for awhile about what I wanted to shout from the rooftops about you...I am one day late, but I most certainly did not forget you on this Father's Day! You know that in recent times punctuality hasn't been my strong suit. =)

World, let it be known that I have an excellent father. My father is so kind and so good. He embodies the idea of patriarch in all the right ways...he is a hard-working, dedicated, loyal, spiritual, good man who leads his family with strength and yet tenderness too. He loves my mother infinitely, I have no doubt he would do anything for that woman...he treats her like his sweetheart and he is always reiterating a piece of wisdom he has acquired in a lifetime of experience (listen up husbands of the world): "Happy wife, happy life." He gave me and my brothers that greatest thing that fathers can give, as the quote goes...he loved our mother. And he continues to do so, strong as ever, 35 years later.

My dad teaches Gospel Doctrine (Sunday School) in his ward. And he loves it. To me this speaks volumes. To me there is nothing more intimidating, more overwhelming than the idea of getting up in front of a gathering of people, many of whom are greatly educated in gospel and scripture, and to confidently deliver and manage a good lesson in Gospel Doctrine. I haven't seen my Dad teach in this most recent calling, but I have in the past, and I can remember and imagine exactly how he is in front of a group of people: comfortable, articulate, engaging, intelligent, and interesting. And, most importantly, full of the spirit. This man loves the gospel and Our Father in Heaven, and he is a great exemplar of Christ. He is a humble man, so he might modestly disagree, to which I would say "Hey dad! Shush! I'm not done yet!" =)

He is also generally a quiet man, but when he is placed among people he has an undeniably gentle charm that is by no means arrogant or affronting. He is charismatic in such an admirably subtle way. I would most certainly call him

a Gentleman.

My dad has always had a talent for teaching, and I'm not just referring to his Church calling or the years he spent as a Junior High School math and science teacher (in Preston, Idaho, at the very school where "Napoleon Dynamite" was filmed. How awesome is that?). I remember many occasions growing up, especially in those dramatic years of my teenager-hood, when some kind of emotional calamity would befall me and I would be lost to the whims of teenaged female drama. (As you can guess, this often had to do with *dumb* boys). On such occasions, the usual parent that came to my aid was my mom, of course. We shared the same hormones, she could understand my feminine ramblings, and it seemed like a natural thing for her to be the one to help me in working through my latest "tragedy." But, my mom and I are highly emotional creatures. At times when my mom and I tried to work through my drama, the emotional quotient would spike and continue increasing exponentially until both of us were left exasperated, upset or depressed. It was at this time that my dad would step in. I usually didn't appreciate it initially. His application of male logic often made me feel he rejected my emotions, that he didn't truly understand or appreciate the feelings I was experiencing. But even in my hesitancy to accept his alternate ways of thinking, I almost always found myself calmed and comforted by the counsel he gave me. It wasn't always easy to accept, oh no. But it was usually very necessary for me to hear, in order to move forward, to take the steps necessary to remove myself from an emotional mire. I don't think I realized it at the time, but my dad was simply trying to teach me to be a strong woman. He wasn't trying to ignore my emotions or act indifferent to whatever I was suffering through...he was simply trying to teach me to make choices that defied negative influences or ways of thinking, to take my life and feelings out of the hands of unworthy, miserable, *dumb* people.

That was one of the biggest lessons I remember being hammered into my head growing up...the concept of "What you give is what you get." That when a person projects positivity into the universe, the universe responds accordingly. So really, choosing to fill up your life with negative thoughts, actions or people is a sad sorry waste, because the universe will eventually just take a poo on you!

Aaaaaaaand we're there.

Sorry Dad.
*Inside Joke*
(Let me just say though, that statement was not planned, I promise it was absolutely spontaneous!)

I'm always working to remember the excellent counsel you gave me through the years Dad, and continue to give. I am certainly not without need of it as an fact I could probably honestly say I need it now more than ever. I'm so grateful for all you taught and continue to teach me, and for all you did and still do for me. I never realized until I became a spouse and parent myself, just how much hard work and effort it takes to truly be the man of the family. You have done it with grace, unconditional love and, I must say, undeniable patience!

(Especially when it comes to potty humor.)


P.S. To The Husband

I promise I didn't forget you! But man its late and my eyelids are drooooooppyyyyy. And you are always telling me to get more sleep. So, please refer to the schmoopy card I wrote you. I do want to say for the world to know, you are a wonderful father. Our little boys are so lucky to have you for their rough-and-tumble daddy. =)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Backlogged Blog

I have been SO lazy about blogging for the last while.....sooooooooooo lazy. The weather finally decided to ditch the schizophrenia and summer has arrived, hallelujah! Life is speeding up and I am falling behind...that is, more behind! Its so hard to feel like blogging when at any one time there are approximately 1,274,891 other things I could be doing. And need to be doing! Seriously, my house, its never clean. It approaches clean and I get all excited, and then it explodes again. I even *think* about blogging, its immediately followed by a thought like "Hmmm, maybe I should make sure we have some clean dishes or clothes first." And its so lovely out now, it seems a shame to spend my free time with electronics indoors.

Speaking of electronics...I am psycho. I finally got my first DSLR camera one week ago....*angels singing*...but have yet to even open the box because I'm having second thoughts about the model I chose. (If anyone has any knowledge of photography equipment, I got a Canon T1i, but thinking maybe I want the Nikon D90 instead. Any insight would be wonderful!) I'm doing more research, looking at the cameras in-store, trying to decide whether to exchange mine or not. But either way, I'm excited that I'm finally getting my new "toy" and hopefully soon I will be gracing this blog with fabulous pictorial gems documenting this lovely summer season!

Anyhoo. There was so much stuff from the last few months that I've written nary a word about, like my baby boy's first birthday almost TWO months ago! And now June is two-thirds over!!! Wha?!? Time, seriously, what is it about you, you just don't stick around!

So I'm going to attempt a little catching up. Here I goooooooo.....