Thursday, December 29, 2011

Flashback: A Late Announcement (Written 4/27/11 and Previously Unposted)

A very, very long overdue and very important and wonderful announcement:

My sweet baby daughter, Kara Lynn Laidlaw, came into the world on the morning of Sunday, February 27th, at 5:55 am. She was 10 lbs 1 oz and 20.5 inches long. Perfect, healthy and beautiful, with a full head of reddish/auburn hair that we absolutely adore! It's very close to my same color and I'm so delighted that she has that little piece of me. =)

Of course most everybody knows about her arrival already, but I couldn't pick up blogging again without making the announcement official here first. She has been a joy and a blessing. It is certainly an adventure learning how to handle a newborn, a toddler and a preschooler all at once, but I'm surprised at how well I've been able to handle it all! I'm no supermom mind you, but I've been able to manage the chaos better than I expected.

So today my baby girl turned 2 months old. There's no getting around saying it --- time is flying. She looks so different and has grown and changed so much. She's so sweet and really quite simple in her tinyness. Compared to her brothers her needs seem so basic and easy to take care of. No disciplining, no breaking up fights, no trying to entertain or any of that. She just needs to eat, sleep, do her diaper duty, and get some snuggles and loves. That's it. I'm trying to enjoy this time when she's so new, but of course with 2 older kids it's harder than it's ever been to slow down and soak in the sweet tinyness of a newborn. And now she's not even really a newborn anymore! Before I know it she'll be crawling, walking, running, talking. I look at my older children and know its true. I look at my firstborn and marvel that he's almost 5, almost a kindergartener, learning to read and write. I look at Jacob, who such a short time ago was my little baby. Before Kara arrived I used to say I had a heart time knowing he wouldn't be my baby anymore. Sure enough, when Kara was born, he seemed to become such a big boy to me all of a sudden. It almost broke my heart a little that he seemed to change in my eyes so quickly, that he lost his position of being the youngest, the littlest, the baby. It's the way life goes. But giving up seeing your babies as babies, even to another of your babies, is hard.

Anywho...I should hie me to bed. I've had so many things running through my mind lately that I'd really love to start writing/blogging again, but we'll have to see if I can make room in life to get them down. I hope so.

I love my baby girl and I'm excited to finally have a sweet little daughter. Welcome to life sweet Kara!

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