Thursday, December 29, 2011

Flashback: Man, My Boys Are Handsome!!! (Written 2/22/11 and Previously Unposted)

Really though. I know every mother is prejudiced when it comes to her own children, but seriously...

You can't deny it. =)

Lately I've been so busy trying to get things done before this baby girl comes, that I fear these adorable boys of mine don't get enough attention from their mommy. When my nesting instincts are in full swing I start to feel a little mind is racing a million miles a minute with my to-dos, and my very-pregnant-and-not-too-agile body lags behind in accomplishing those tasks. Plus my normal night-owl power is fading....nooooo! The battle of my mind vs. my body drives me nuts! I'm really on countdown now and this little girl could choose to make her arrival any day. But, I'm trying to spend more time being with my little boys before their world gets really turned upside down.

I'm not that great at it, but I'm tryin'.

Right now their cute little noggins are off in dreamland, so I gotta get offa here and go do stuff!

But I had to post a couple shots of them. I hope to find a chance to sit down and write a few of their goings-on before their little sis arrives. They are growing and changing at lightning speed, as always. Jacob is saying new words all the time (A current favorite: Iron Man!). I registered Thomas for Kindergarten a couple weeks ago (WHA???).

Boy do I crazy love my boys.

Crazy love is a good them, but they make me *crazy*!

(I just try to remind myself that I'll miss the craziness someday.)  =)

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